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More and more courts, workplaces, labor organizations, commercial transactions, service providers, HOAs, and community organizations are turning to – even requiring – mediation. Mediation skills are so valuable they show up in job listings for sales reps, project and property managers, administrative analysts, engineers, human resources and labor relations, healthcare, counselors, case managers, claims adjusters, attorneys, paralegals, advocates, and more. Both Forbes magazine and NPR have discussed the opportunities in mediation in recent years, stating that the need for mediators is growing. Mediation can be its own career or enhance a lot of other careers. The skill set is incredibly useful at work and in life – for parents with children, teachers with students, employers with staff, issues with merchants, etc. Add this valuable set of skills to both your life and your resume.

Our interactive workshop provides lecture, demonstration, exercises, role-plays and group debriefing to give you a foundation you can leverage into a service or career.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can provide options to help people regain control, autonomy, dignity, and humanity.  If you like the idea of helping people reach mutually-agreeable (win-win) solutions, imagine getting paid to do it!

ETPL & I-TRAIN-approved free training for WIOA eligible WorkSource Center participants. 
Contact your case worker first to make sure you qualify.

Karen Civitate has been a mediation trainer in the federal and private sector for more than 23 years, and has herself successfully conducted more than 500 mediations and group facilitations around the country for government and community agencies. She has an M.A. in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Building from CSUDH and is an Advanced Practitioner for the Association of Conflict Resolution. She believes strongly in mediation as a win-win way to resolve disputes and conflict.
Our next Basic Mediation program begins October 13
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We also offer Advanced Mediation (click here to register).