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Solar employment grew 10 times faster than the national average employment rate in 2013 and created tens of thousands of new living-wage jobs in just one year. It continued on a record-breaking trajectory in 2015 and the number of U.S. installations are expected to double from 2014 to 2016. This rapid expansion and adoption of solar panel installations in homes, commercial buildings, golf carts, swimming pools, water fountains, attic fans, and more will result in excellent job opportunities for qualified individuals. Our crash course in solar design and installation, followed by free hands-on practice doing live installations, can help make you one of those qualified individuals. You will receive a completion certificate the last day of class.

ETPL & I-TRAIN-approved free training for WIOA eligible WorkSource Center participants.
Contact your case worker first to make sure you qualify.

Quayum Abdul is a solar photovoltaic inspector and consultant who presents at international conferences and writes articles for industry journals. He is on a mission to help fill the huge need for solar employees.

Class Syllabus

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