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Certified Phlebotomy Technician - 1

Become a Phlebotomy Technician in as little as 6 months!

OVERVIEW: Phlebotomists are professionals who draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations, or research. This program provides, through online class time and clinical instruction, training and knowledge to apply and take the National Certification Phlebotomy Technician 1 exam. Online classroom lectures cover laboratory environment, anatomy, safety and infection control, equipment, and the phlebotomy procedure.


EXTERNSHIP: Clinical instruction provides hands-on training in venipuncture technique, laboratory assisting, and administrative office duties.
JOB OUTLOOK: The need for Phlebotomists will remain high as doctors and other health-care professionals require blood work for analysis and diagnoses. According to U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the national demand of phlebotomy technicians is forecast to grow by an estimated 24% by 2026.

CERTIFICATION: Upon completion of the program, the student will qualify to apply to the State of California as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1 (CPT1).

Become a Phlebotomist in 4 Steps:

  1. Classroom Time (Remote Live) —48 hours (12 hours of lab held at AUMT's Gardena facility)
  2. National Certification Exam—2 hours
  3. Externship—40 hours in clinical setting
  4. Submit Documents to the State of California


Learn how the Westside Extension program can prepare you for this high-demand career. You'll get a chance to meet with AUMT staff, who will answer your questions about the industry, jobs, and how to enroll. 






Morning: Monday-Thursday, 10 AM-1:30 PM
Evening: Monday-Thursday, 6 PM-9:30 PM
Externship: Summer-Fall 2021
Fee: $1,999

April 21-May 11, 2021
Payment Options:

Full Payment (Morning or Evening)
3 Installments (Morning or Evening)

(Due 4/16, 5/6, 5/27)

May 12-June 2, 2021
Payment Options:

Full Payment (Morning or Evening)
3 Installments (Morning or Evening)

(Due TBA)


Saturdays: 9 AM-3 PM
Externship: Summer-Fall 2021
Fee: $1,999

April 24-June 12, 2021
Payment Options:

Full Payment 
3 Installments

(Due 4/22, 5/22, 6/19)


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REQUIREMENTS: Minimum HS Diploma/GED, 18 years+, Scrubs (new, used, or borrowed). Negative TB test, proof of immunizations, and physical clearance required before externship placement.

*Registration fee includes books, supplies, study guides, all class materials, exam preparation, and externship.  Fee does NOT include State License fee of $100, National Certification exam fee of $117, or scrubs. See detailed requirements in the student handbook at

INSTRUCTOR: This course is taught by the staff of the AUMT Institute, one of the top phlebotomy schools in the state of California.